Thake’s prefabricated pet cage

If your pet feels uncomfortable being locked in a cramped, confined cage, then immediately refer to our convenient, multi-purpose prefabricated dog and cat cage product. Guaranteed quality products, most affordable prices on the market.

1. Product information

Chuồng lắp ghép cho chó mèo

– Product name: assembled cage for dogs and cats

– Material: Polymer plastic with iron frame coated with electrostatic paint

– Color: Black

– For: dogs, cats, rabbits,.. or any other type of pet

– Size: 35×35 cm (both plastic strap and black mesh)

2. Product characteristics

Chuồng lắp ghép cho chó mèo 1

– With many different small mesh panels, you can assemble them into many shapes to adapt to the room layout and change the shape as desired. The advantage is that it is quick to assemble and fold for storage and moving to many places.

– The corral part is made from flexible polymer plastic with a powder-coated iron frame that is very durable, good load-bearing and safe for pets. The harness pieces are fastened together with plastic connectors, durable and sturdy enough to protect your pet from outside dangers.

– Properly hinged flap door with sliding latch  makes it easier for your pet to get in and out of the cage.

– This prefabricated cage provides a great play area for small animals such as puppies, kittens, rabbits, hedgehogs, hamsters, guinea pigs or chinchillas; Not suitable for large dogs or any other oversized animals.

* Attention:

– Need at least 8 pieces of plastic or mesh to assemble into 1 cage

– To assemble into shape, you need to buy additional pegs. So remember to order extra latches.

Chuồng lắp ghép cho chó mèo 1

Chuồng lắp ghép cho chó mèo 2

We provide assembled cages for dogs and cats with 100% guaranteed quality and the most affordable prices on the market.