THAKE Company specializes in manufacturing large quantities of laying hen cages, serving industrial egg-laying chicken farms.
Cage size: 120x68x38cm divided into 3 compartments, each compartment holds 3-4 chickens, specifically designed to let eggs roll out.
The cage uses 3mm fiber, each cage weighs up to 7kg, providing superior sturdiness compared to other products on the market.
Applying modern technology to produce high quality galvanized steel wires, lasting up to 10 years, combined with an automatic multi-point welding machine for even and strong welds but at a cheaper price than welding. handmade!
Because in addition to the variety of product designs. Accompanying reputable product quality has been confirmed. Along with reasonable prices, savings for livestock farmers.
Raw materials for making cages and THAKE steel panels used for galvanizing must be carefully selected from the import stage.
Achieve the highest efficiency when hot dipping, and produce the highest quality products.
Steel barns are hot-dip galvanized at very high temperatures, achieving many advantages and bringing the best results.
THAKE laying hen cages are anti-corrosion, anti-scratch, can withstand strong impacts and do not fade over long periods of use.
Easy to clean and maintain, helping to reduce the risk of infection and disease for laying hens.
THAKE is committed to bringing high quality, durable steel barn products over time with competitive prices, diverse designs, and quick nationwide delivery.