THAKE participates in the 2023 Supply and Demand Connection Conference

From December 21 to 24, at Phu Tho Sports Stadium – District 11, Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City Department of Industry and Trade organizes a program to connect supply and demand with provinces and cities, which will take place Create a series of trade promotion situations, introducing local specialty products.

Opening conference connecting supply and demand 2023

Thousands of products that are regional specialties and strategic products of Ho Chi Minh City and 45 localities across the country are displayed at booths throughout the program for visitors to visit and shop. .

Many booths come from localities across the country

This year’s series of events continues to highlight with a B2B connection space, direct exchanges between 12 distribution systems, 5 e-commerce platforms and more than 1,000 suppliers from provinces and cities across the country.

Participating in this event, THAKE Joint Stock Company brought a booth to display industrial products with potential and strengths such as: woven mesh frames, avi mesh frames, rolled mesh, fences, round baskets, letter baskets. Japan…

Customers come to visit THAKE’s booth

These are products that THAKE spends a lot of time researching, improving and producing with the aim of improving quality, reducing costs and being environmentally friendly.

THAKE products brought to the exhibition

At the same time, THAKE also participates in trade promotion and trade connection sessions to find partners and expand product consumption markets through seminars “Cross-border e-commerce: Growth opportunities globally for Vietnamese businesses”; Conference “Solutions to increase sales and business opportunities on the Tiki e-commerce platform”; Conference “Promoting export of Vietnamese products through Alibaba e-commerce platform, connecting B2B trade”…

THAKE attended the Amazon Global Selling Conference

Conference connecting supply and demand between the city. Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces and cities in 2023 will be an effective bridge, creating motivation for businesses across the country in general, and THAKE in particular, to promote the supply of goods to stabilize the market, meeting diverse needs. of consumers.