Since ancient times, raising livestock and poultry seems to be very familiar to Vietnamese people. It seems that every farmer family raises livestock and poultry every day. Today, as the country develops, building facilities for raising livestock and poultry is very important. In modern livestock farming, the use of steel mesh to make barns or barns as places to graze poultry is an economical option that many farmers choose.
Preparing the chicken coop is an important step in the process of preparing conditions for raising chickens. Because the barn is a place of residence, a place where farmers carry out work to ensure hygiene and living conditions suitable for the chicken breed.
The outstanding features of THAKE STEEL MESH BUILDINGS that are being trusted by people today:
Welded joints are sturdy and highly durable.
Anti-oxidation, no corrosion and rust.
The weld is smooth, clean and sturdy, does not hurt pets.
The fence frame is airy and spacious, ensuring space for pets to operate.
Can be assembled into many different shapes and sizes, without space restrictions.
THAKE – Specializes in constructing welded wire mesh fences with a variety of designs, colors as well as suitable for the purpose of use by farmers.
THAKE family is always confident in bringing the criteria of “prestige and quality first” to livestock farmers. That is why THAKE has become a brand that has the trust and love of customers in the field of steel mesh cages and fences today. Please contact THAKE to share more about animal husbandry knowledge.