Before leaving the barn, the newborn chickens should have a good time to be brooded and get warm. Choosing a suitable coop could bring up economic efficiency, save costs, and create a suitable environment for the development of Chicks.

Chicks Brood Cage- Thake is a product line of the roll mesh application with sizes from 0.8 cm-1.8 cm.  As for the specification, this kind of the Chicks Brooding Cage is not a discrepancy with the Iguana Cage of Thake company. As for the design, this Chicks Brooding Cage has a little bit of a difference about the Side/ Top and Partition door system compared with the Iguana cage.

Advantages of this Chicks Brooding Cage:

  • Easy setup and uninstallation with just a common drawstring.
  • Plastic kay: collect the chicken feces and waste
  • Material: hot dipped galvanized
  • The welded mesh is regular and sturdy, meticulously processed, and high perfection