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THAKE with a reasonable organizational model, efficient workflow, and professional and qualified staff, we always bring satisfaction beyond our customers’ expectations.

  • Researches and develops a production line specializing in products made from metal fibers such as metal wire cages, cage for chicken, stainless steel cages, multi-purpose baskets, … from stainless steel or zinc…
  • In addition, We focus on developing daily products, utilities used in interior – exterior, serving for livestock… With the ability to supply 6000 products/day. We aim to bring utility products that are durable and environmentally friendly.

In Vietnam, THAKE has a nationwide distribution system in the Western provinces, the Central region, Hai Duong, some Northern provinces…
In the world market, THAKE is currently present in Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, … and is promoting the US, UK, Australia, Philippines, Thailand,…


THAKE is a subsidiary of Bach Viet Equipment Trading Service Joint Stock Company operating business via website thake.vn .

Address Số 16 Đường số 2, KDC Thanh Nhựt, Phường 16, District 8, TPHCM, Việt Nam.

Hotline: 0909 691 247
Email thake.metalwies@gmail.com


  • 01 Shopping guide

    Customers cooperating to purchase please select the following contact methods:
    Method 1: Text SMS / Zalo / Viber / Whatsapp or call the hotline 0909 691 247
    Method 2: Fill in the Contact page of the website thake.vn or send an email to us via thake.metalwires@gmail.com

  • Method 1:Payment by bank transfer via account number:
    Asia Commercial Bank (ACB) – Saigon South Branch, HCMC. Ho Chi Minh.
    Account holder: Pham Thi Nhu Dang
    Account number: 197 634 779
    Method 2: Cash payment

  • Subjects of application:
    THAKE applies the delivery policy to all customers who buy products domestically and internationally.
    Product list:
    THAKE applies the delivery policy for all existing THAKE products
    Scope of transportation:
    THAKE will fulfill all shipping requests for customers nationwide and internationally.
    Shipping time:
    – For domestic Vietnam from 01 to 07 days the customer will receive the goods from the date of delivery – The time may vary depending on your geographical area, and other force majeure circumstances such as natural disasters, storm flood…
    – For customers who are foreigners, have geographical locations outside the territory of Vietnam we will contact and notify the specific time with you.
    – Shipping time will be accurately informed and updated to customers after the written order agreement.
    Shipping costs: Shipping costs are calculated based on the location, number of your orders and notified to you in writing.

  • Customers who buy at THAKE can be assured of the quality of the product they receive. THAKE commits that all products sent to customers are brand new and quality, in accordance with the information described on the website.
    Products purchased are not returned or refunded for any reason. In case the product has a technical error or a manufacturing defect, we will carry out inspections and innovations to you according to the time of notice and specific agreement (excluding the time of delivery and dependence). by geographic location within or outside the territory of Vietnam)
    In case you receive the product which is not in accordance with the description on the website, there is a technical error, an error from the manufacturer THAKE. Please contact as soon as you receive the product, THAKE will conduct a review and plan the settlement to you in 04 working hours.
    THAKE is committed to selling new products and ensuring the right quality and products that customers receive must be intact and true to the information described on the website.
    All complaints and inquiries please notify within 7 days from the date of receipt.THAKE would refuse to support any complaints about the product in case you notify THAKE after this time.


Our Services

Product R&D

The purpose of THAKE’s research – product development is to create new products: design, utility, materials, features … or improve, improve the quality of existing products from metal wires (yarn)


Manufactured on request of samples from customers in large quantities. THAKE products (cage for chicken, cockfighting cages) are made from galvanized steel strands which THAKE mass produces and distributes in domestic and foreign markets.


With the goal of bringing the Vietnamese – THAKE brand, and products with high applicability from metal wires – to global customers.


Check our Product

  • All
  • Cage
  • Metal basket
  • Metalwires basket

THAKE cage 1.0m – 4.2kg

Hotline: 0909 691 247

THAKE cage 1.0m – 6.8kg

Hotline: 0909 691 247

Stainless steel cages 201

Hotline: 0909 691 247

Stainless steel cosmetic basket

Hotline: 0909 691 247

Egg basket

Hotline: 0909 691 247

Muti-Functional basket

Hotline: 0909 691 247

Metalwires flower basket wall

Hotline: 0909 691 247

Stainless steel flower basket

Hotline: 0909 691 247

Zinc flower basket

Hotline: 0909 691 247


Frequently Asked Questions

Thake's product?

THAKE specializes in manufacturing products made from metal filaments ( cages for chicken, …), besides THAKE also produces other products such as multi-function baskets, wall-mounted flower baskets, clothes baskets, … with the main material being zinc plated and stainless steel.

How many type cages for chicken?

THAKE is manufacturing specialized in zinc plated cages for chicken in bulk. Customers wishing for stainless steel please contact.

How about retail / Wholesale?

THAKE produces and supplies large quantities. THAKE has not implemented a retail form. Currently, THAKE is distributing and expanding the market (wholesale supply).

Do you want to trade Thake products?

Customers who have large demand and want to cooperate with THAKE, please contact us to get the best price.

Where are to shipping and marketplcae ?

THAKE nationwide delivery. THAKE market targets are countries in Southeast Asia (Philippines, Indonesia …), North America (USA, Mexico, …)


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