About design, Thake divided the Cage into 4 pieces instead of 2 pieces from the previous version. This innovation helps to optimize the transport costs for the Users. Moreover, the assembly is very easy which can help the User to install and uninstall if necessary.


Plastic Coated: Aesthetics + upgraded durability.

4-piece assembly: saves shipping costs, creating convenience for users.

Size: according to standards, easy to take advantage of old, pre-existing accessories, compatible with most accessories

Design: vertical form, increasing open space for chickens.

Function: protect the Rooter from sticking its head out, combined with the 80cm type to create a combo of the running Cage which can help the fighting Rooster to do physical exercise.

Be an innovative product from Thake’s previous welded VIP cage. From the zinc hot dip version, Thake has already leved up and coated it completely with PE plastic. Increasing a PE protective layer, raising durability  and aesthetics to a new level that the market has never had it before.